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Natural Floral Waters

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Pure Natural English Chamomile  Water
Pure Natural Geranium Water
Pure Natural Juniperberry  Floral Water
Pure Natural English Lavender Floral Water
Pure Natural Lemon Water
Pure Natural Manuka Water
Pure Natural Orange Blossom Water
Pure Natural Peppermint Water
Pure Natural Rose Floral Water
Pure Natural Rosemary Floral Water
Pure Natural Sage Water
Pure Natural Tea Tree Floral Water
Pure Natural Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free)
Distilled Witch Hazel BPC (14% Alcohol)
Pure and natural floral waters 

Our gentle organic floral waters are simply the recovered steam from the steam distillation of the underlying plant. They are normally an abundant by-product of the essential oil production and make a perfect ingredient for your skincare toners, creams and lotions. As standard we are now supplying our floral waters on a preserved basis from all our platforms using Polylysine; This is a natural and vegan food standard preservative commonly used in Sushi and testing has shown none of the unpleasant side effects that can occur with more standard preservatives. Unpreserved floral waters are available as separate items by special order simply by contacting us on Correct storage is essential for our unpreserved floral waters to avoid deterioration, After opening/first use they are best kept refrigerated and used within 1 month. Our new preserved floral waters have a much longer shelf life (up to 36 months and have a considerably longer opened life and are not so temperature dependent) Use alone or combine with other floral waters to create the ideal skin tonics for your skin.